What is Admit One?

The only movie newsletter you’ll ever need.

(Not really.)

I don’t want to pigeonhole this newsletter too much. I’m not going to pick a particular theme, angle or box that it needs to fit in. Expect essays, expect reviews, expect pop culture musings, expect recommendations. I want a space where I can write about Musidora and Succession and Annie Ernaux, all at the same time. If I was marketing this for someone else, I’d say: expect a compelling mix of the high and the low brow. You can get Orson Welles one day and Brendan Fraser the next.

I wanted a space where I could explore the things I don’t always get to write or talk about, the little rabbit holes I fall into after watching a film, the reviews that don’t fit in a word count, the ideas that feel too precious to let go and the love letters I don’t get to write.

Or maybe my friends just got tired of me yelling at them in the pub about a particularly good podcast.

Who Am I?

Well, a pithy description would be to say I’m a professional film nerd. I’m a writer, broadcaster and film programmer. I’m based in London but hail from Spain (I know, the name doesn’t scream España and yet here we are).

I programme films for Edinburgh International Film Festival (RIP) and Fantastic Fest. Previously I was the Film and Events Programmer at the British Film Institute and recently I curated Cruel Flesh: Films of the New French Extremity and In Dreams Are Monsters film programmes for them. I’ve also written a book, which will be out in 2023, and am working on two new ones.

I’m also the host of horror film history podcast The Final Girls.

Oh, and I make podcasts. Like, an obscene amount of podcasts. You can find more of my work on my very official website and you can follow me on Twitter.

The beautiful illustration for this newsletter is by Tom Humberstone.

Why subscribe?

You like movies, you like podcasts, you like podcasts about movies, you like reading about podcasts about movies. Or you like Brendan Fraser.

I will keep the newsletter free for now, but should you choose to become a paid subscriber, you’ll be supporting my work and buying me more research and writing time (instead of the usual grind of pitching to editors).

I will publish (at least) one essay a month, and for paid subscribers, a round-up of links, quotes, podcasts, series, recommendations and more. I watch, read and listen to an obscene amount of pop culture, so this will be a place where I curate the most interesting things I discover each month.

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Anna Bogutskaya

I'm a London-based writer, podcaster and film programmer. I host The Final Girls podcast and write for Little White Lies, The Guardian, BBC Culture, MUBI, TimeOut and more.